Berg, Judith, LCSW-C

judith-berg-baltimore I have been working as a clinical social worker with clients with emotional and behavioral issues for more than twenty-five years. In my experience, I have worked with clients of all age ranges and utilized various treatment approaches. What I Read More →

Elizalde, Loretta, LCP-C

Loretta Elizalde LCP-C Baltimore Maryland I have remained instrumental in rendering mental health and substance use disorder individual and group services for over 25 years.  My service sites have been almost as diversified as the population seeking/needing these services.  I have been truly blessed to Read More →

Hanagan, Margaret, MA, RN, CS-P

margaret-hanagan I have a strong holistic orientation and believe fully in the mind-body connection as it relates to mental health and wellness. I am skilled in working with individuals who are facing personal losses or health challenges, as well as emotional Read More →

Hann, Richard, M.A., LCP-C

richard-hann I have enjoyed working with individuals struggling toward their life goals or coping with great losses, as well as with individuals thinking of making important changes in their lives. I have a great deal of interest in helping couples improve Read More →

Kaine, Joe, Ph.D

joe-kaine I am a child psychologist who has been in practice for 20 years. I have an interest in helping youngsters and their parents work together to resolve school, social, behavioral and emotional concerns. I have a great deal of experience Read More →

Kowalewski, Jerry, Ph.D.

jerry-kowalewski I have been practicing psychology for over 30 years. I have had particular interest in and enjoy utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating depression and anxiety problems in children five years and up, adolescents and adults. I also have a lot Read More →

Liebman, Samuel, Ph.D.

samuel-liebman I have enjoyed working with individuals who come to therapy seeking a more positive self-image and affirmative identity that is based upon their unique strengths, resilience and life experiences. I see therapy as an opportunity to gain meaningful insight and Read More →

McGreevey, Jim, LCP-C

McGreevey, Jim, LCP-C I tend to think that the same tendencies that fuel our strengths, fuel our weaknesses. What may bring success in one aspect of life can bring failure or discomfort to another. A primary goal of therapy is to determine where Read More →

Rodriguez, Linda, LCSW-C

Linda Rodriguez pshychology I’m passionate and committed to helping clients work through a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues.  This work includes providing an environment where clients feel safe to share freely and work collaboratively in order to accomplish their specific goals Read More →

Sachs, Kenneth, Ph.D.

kenneth-sachs I love my profession as a psychologist because my work with patients continues to be stimulating and challenging. I have published several articles that focus on helping those who have “disorders of the self.”  These individuals feel a sense of Read More →

Sheggrud, Jeff, Psy.D.

Jeff Sheggurd psychologists baltimore md I enjoy working with a wide age range of patients from children to adults.  I seek to help you set goals for what you want to achieve in therapy and then work collaboratively with you to meet those goals.  I Read More →

Weisbord, Yehuda, LCPC

Weisbord, Yehuda, LCPC I am a perceptive, empathic, and practical therapist who works with adolescents, adults and couples with a range of issues. I enjoy helping clients develop more self awareness so they can better understand their interpersonal and relational dynamics. This allows Read More →

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