The Verge Counseling Program for those with legal problems

This program is offered in the form of six or twelve week sessions. It is designed to be consistent with state certified programs in order to address legal requirements. In addition to the legal requirements, this program will use state of the art treatments approaches for your problems.

The use of Naltrexone, a medication which reduces one’s desire to drink, as well as solution-oriented counseling, will provide powerful tools in the struggles with drinking and help form the basis for a formitable legal defense

Therapy sessions are private and confidential and are individualized to target problems areas associated with excessive drinking. The counseling is designed and customized to meet your schedule. Our sobriety maintenance group is available after individual counseling is complete.

The subject matter of the therapy sessions include:

  • Assessment of the seriousness of the alcohol problem including consequences associated with DWI/DUI or other criminal matters
  • Education on the nature of alcoholism and its effects on all aspects of your life
  • Focusing on feelings of loss associated with abstinence and the feelings of shame and embarrassment about your current legal situation
  • Focusing on an understanding of your current life stressors and alcohol triggers that could lead to a resumption of drinking
  • Focusing on controlling or achieving and maintaining abstinence from drinking, develop stress management techniques, problem solving strategies, achieving balance in life and coping with urges to drink.