The Baltimore office of Psychology Consultants Associated, includes psychologists, social workers, clinicians and other licensed mental health practitioners, each with specialized training in various modes of psychotherapy.  All are licensed to practice in Maryland.  The diversity of our staff helps in the process of matching the appropriate therapist to each individual patient’s personal needs and problems.

The information on this page will introduce our therapists to you and also include additional information about their skills and expertise.

Our experienced office staff will prove to be an invaluable source in helping you make a decision about which therapist to choose, as well as providing ease with scheduling your appointments.



Judith Berg, clinical social worker baltimoreJudith Berg, LCSW-C
I have been working as a clinical social worker with clients with emotional and behavioral issues for more than twenty-five years. In my experience, I have worked with clients of all age ranges and utilized various treatment approaches. What I have learned throughout my work is that it is the relationship between the client and the therapist that is most significant in allowing for positive change. I view the work of therapy as a collaborative process in developing treatment goals and helping clients achieve them



Loretta Elizalde, licensed clinician baltimoreLoretta Elizalde,  LCPC
I have remained instrumental in rendering mental health and substance use disorder individual and group services for over 25 years.  My service sites have been almost as diversified as the population seeking/needing these services.  I have been truly blessed to understand that the emotional hurdles can affect cognitive functioning and related behaviors.  The therapeutic session is a wonderful opportunity for the client to increase their insight regarding problematic feelings and situations while developing new coping mechanisms.  My professional and ethical approach never compromises the humanness of the client.

I have practiced in New York as a licensed clinician and in Maryland.  As mentioned previously the populations and sites of practice have varied and include:

  • Adolescent Coordinator – Mental Health
  • Central Maryland Assessor for Department of Corrections
  • Program Director for Maryland Correctional Institution for Women
  • Adult Individual Family Therapy; residential, outpatient, partial hospitalization
  • Student Assistance Program for Baltimore County Schools
  • Criminal Justice Services – ADAA
  • Springfield Hospital – Special Services
  • Crownsville Hospital – Muncie Center
  • Program Director for Community programs in Baltimore City/Baltimore County
  • Adjunct Professor – Allied Sciences



Margaret HanaganMargaret Hanagan, MA, RN, CS-P
I have a strong holistic orientation and believe fully in the mind-body connection as it relates to mental health and wellness.

I am skilled in working with individuals who are facing personal losses or health challenges, as well as emotional distress in their lives.

I enjoy helping both individuals and couples learn new thinking and behavior skills to overcome their present problems and have fuller and happier lives.



Richard Hann, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Baltimore Richard Hann, M.A., LCPC
I have enjoyed working with individuals struggling toward their life goals or coping with great losses, as well as with individuals thinking of making important changes in their lives.

I have a great deal of interest in helping couples improve their communication skills, learn to accommodate to their parents, negotiate for changes in behaviors and be able to compromise toward problem resolution and enhancement of their relationships and commitment to their families.

I am very experienced in the area of helping public safety professionals (i.e. police officers, firefighters, paramedics, etc.) and their families with their careers, marital issues, mental health problems and concerns.



Joe Kaine, child psychologist baltimoreJoe Kaine, Ph.D
I am a child psychologist who has been in practice for 20 years.

I have an interest in helping youngsters and their parents work together to resolve school, social, behavioral and emotional concerns.

I have a great deal of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), conduct problems and mood conditions.



Jerry-Kowalewski, psychologist baltimoreJerry Kowalewski, Ph.D.
I have been practicing psychology for over 30 years. I have had particular interest in and enjoy utilizing cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating depression and anxiety problems in children five years and up, adolescents and adults.

I also have a lot of experience and interest in the assessment of and intervention with children, adolescents and adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

I am interested in treating the seriously mentally ill, using a cognitive-behavior approach in helping their recovery.



Samuel Liebman, psychologist baltimoreSamuel Liebman, Ph.D.
I have enjoyed working with individuals who come to therapy seeking a more positive self-image and affirmative identity that is based upon their unique strengths, resilience and life experiences.

I see therapy as an opportunity to gain meaningful insight and coping skills within the context of a therapeutic relationship that is characterized by authenticity, openness and empathy.

I have extensive experience working with individuals burdened by low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, chemical and behavioral addiction, trauma, ADHD and issues related to growing up in an alcoholic home.



Cindy Mason, Psychotherapist BaltimoreCindy Mason, MS, LCPC, NCC
Cindy is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Maryland State Board Certified Licensed Counseling Supervisor. She provides individual and couples counseling for a variety of individuals. Cindy earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement and Public Safety from the Metropolitan State College of Denver and her Master of Science degree in Applied Psychology – Counseling from the University of Baltimore. Some of her specialty areas include working with couples with marriage and relationship concerns, individuals with phase-of-life/transition issues (late-bloomers, empty nest, marriage/divorce/separation, family relations, women’s and men’s issues, self-esteem, and parenting problems, such as gang, drug, and teen issues), Law Enforcement Officers and issues that are personally and professionally unique to this occupation, those affected by intimate partner and workplace violence struggles, and college students with a vast array of adjustment and mental health considerations.

With a strong Psychodynamic foundation and a sprinkling of key parts of several other theoretical models, including Cognitive, Humanistic/Client-Centered, and Relational, Cindy offers an integrative therapeutic approach, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Cindy believes that successful therapy is a collaborative effort between client and therapist. She is passionate about guiding individuals toward insight and the ability to discover their happiest, most vital, fulfilled, and authentic selves!

Cindy also provides psychoeducational, public safety, and law enforcement workshops covering a range of interrelated topics.



Jim McGreevey, Licensed Clinical Professional CounselorJim McGreevey, LCPC
I tend to think that the same tendencies that fuel our strengths, fuel our weaknesses. What may bring success in one aspect of life can bring failure or discomfort to another. A primary goal of therapy is to determine where a strategy turned into a symptom and discover ways to redirect it, amending the harm done to the client.

My primary areas of practice are addiction, mood, and anxiety disorders, with a particular interest in patients with co-occurring disorders. I employ cognitive-behavioral techniques and mindfulness practices.



Dr. Kenneth Sachs, Psychologist BaltimoreKenneth Sachs, Ph.D.
I love my profession as a psychologist because my work with patients continues to be stimulating and challenging. I focus on helping individuals who have “disorders of self.” These individuals feel a sense of inadequacy and low self-esteem. They struggle with establishing an authentic sense of themselves.

My work is interpersonal in nature and my patients find that I am interactive and very involved with their evolution into “who they were meant to be.”

I have published articles on the psychological aspects of AA’s twelve steps. I understand their value, not only in the area of addiction, but also with those trying to establish a stable and authentic identity.



Jeff Sheggurd, Psychologist BaltimoreJeff Sheggrud, Psy.D.
I enjoy working with a wide age range of patients from children to adults. I seek to help you set goals for what you want to achieve in therapy and then work collaboratively with you to meet those goals. I tend to use a cognitive-behavioral approach to therapy but I am comfortable in using other methods to suit your needs and goals. Disorders that I commonly treat in my patients include depression and other mood disorders, anxiety and stress, post traumatic stress (PTSD), and educational and behavioral problems in children including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities. In addition to therapy, I enjoy conducting psychological assessments to help gain more insight into how someone is functioning so that a more complete treatment plan can be created.


Amy WaldronAmy Waldron
I have been treating those with substance use and mental health disorders for over twenty years. My approach is primarily cognitive behavioral, but I believe strongly in an individualized focus depending on the needs of the client. My approach to therapy begins with meeting clients”where they are” in regard to their willingness and ability to make changes in their lives, and allowing the therapeutic process to grow from that point. While I specialize in treating addiction, I also focus on mood disorders including depression, anxiety and Bi-Polar disorder. I welcome adolescents, adults, couples and families.